nC Industrial Coatings.


A smart, high-quality, easy-to-apply and future-oriented portfolio in surface technology and coatings.


Corrosion passivators, repellants, thermal insulating coatings and much more.


Offering sustainability, safety, profitability and a fast return-on-investment.


For industry, construction and home-owners.

nC® ProTect


A series of sealant coatings to protect all sorts of surfaces from water, dirt, scaling, corrosion, mold and UV. Some variants do restore faded or chalked colours. These nanobased coatings form a matrix inside the host material and show extreme performance for a very long time.


nC® ProTherm


Imagine you can reach thermal insulation, safe-touch, fire retardancy and/or acoustic insulation with a coat of only 3mm up to 15mm! Or combat CUI and have thermal insulation in one go. nC® ProTherm thermal insulating coatings are easy to apply and tie excellent results to a very long lifetime.

nC® Nano Corrosion Passivator


Stop the existing corrosion process on metals, without blasting or chipping. Or create a cold alloy layer with non-corrosive properties on new metal. For salt- and fresh water solutions. Corrosion passivation works fast and clean. Long-lasting results the cost-effective way! Lots of pics and references.

What's New

SGS Lambda-test on nC® ProTherm ISO-X


July 23rd 2018 - Dutch based SGS Intron, part of the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company SGS, executed the EN12667 Lambda test for heat conductivity on a free sheet of nC® ProTherm ISO-X coating. Read more...

Sprayable nC® ProTherm Safe Touch Coating


August 11nd 2018 - Video shows the easy sprayable nC® ProTherm Safe Touch coating applied on a paint can. You can notice minimum overspray and/or mist development. You can pour in boiling water and pick up the can without hesitation.

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