Titan® Protect Self Cleaning and Air Purifying Surfaces

The Titan®Protect airpurifying and selfcleaning surfaces are photocatalyst TiO2 based coatings. They contain specifically enhanced capacities towards air purification and with self-cleaning effects. Hence, they digest organic pollution (soot, stains, bird-droppings etc.) and reduce all kind of pollutants – organic as well as anorganic – in the presence of VISIBLE light. This way, they actually improve air-quality in- and outdoors and actively remove stains from surfaces and digest odours.


A forest without trees?

Yes. Imagine: The Titan®Protect coatings combine TiO2 active in visible light with a special binder, which is unique to TiO2 coatings. The binder surrounds the TiO2 and enhances its efficiency significantly, but does not allow the TiO2 particles to digest their host-surfaces. This way it makes TiO2 applicable in combination with organic materials such as paint, textile, etc. The photocatalytic process filters all kinds of pollution out of the air, and partly gives back oxygen in return. Consequently, 900m² of TiO2 coated surface equals the air filtering capacity of 70 full-grown oak trees! Get rid of odours from toilets, kitchens and carpets. Decompose pollen. Especially: Beat flu. Improve safety and health in your house, office, shop or public space. Every day!


A solution for each surface

nC's portfolio of Titan®Protect coatings are nano-based and therefore show excellent chemical bonding and performance on basically every material. Each variant is made for a specific material or surface. There are selfcleaning solutions for glass, ceramics, tiles, stone, masonry, textiles, fabric, plastics and lacquered surfaces. On top of that you will find the possibility to place light ornaments treated with TiO2 in areas vulnerable for odour and pollen. The lights will filter the air and reduce odours to zero. Highly effective in restaurants, toilets, kitchens, terminals, winefarms and more. Titan®Protect will keep performing for many years, even decades, on surfaces and materials of your choice.


Cost cutting

Titan®Protect series of TiO2 coatings are real cost-cutting. Minimize cleaning. Minimize the combatting of algae and moss. Counter and erase viruses and protect your staff, visitors and customers against for instance influenza. Keep the walls of buildings, liquid storage tanks clean. Optimize the visibility of road signs and banners. 


Titan®Protect TA2201 Glass & Ceramics


A photocatalytic coating, able to decompose organic compounds and pollution just by means of light. Coated windows remain clear and transparent. A mold free bathroom! A no-smell toilet at the airport.

Titan®Protect TA2205 Textile & Fabrics


For example sails, decks, canopies, clothes, flags will benefit. Carpets, curtains and upholstery. Transparent nanotech coating for longlasting self cleaning effect. A real cost cutter for cruiseships, terminals, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and ferries!

nC® Airpurifying Lights


Get rid of odours from toilets, kitchens and carpets. Decompose pollen. Especially: Beat flu. Air purifying properties by means of titanium-dioxide and visible light. Improves safety and health. Every day! Just switch on the light.

Titan®Protect TA2202 Plastics & Paints


Transparent. Bonds chemically with acrylics and powder-coated surfaces. Selfcleaning effect by means of titanium-dioxide and visible light! For campers, boats, caravans and garden houses. To name a few.

Titan®Protect TA2207 Outdoor 


Sprayable nanotech coating for selfcleaning effect outdoors in rough environments. Silo surfaces tend to heat up more when they are dirty. Mold and moss can really destroy concrete. So why take the risk. The sun shines every day.

Titan®Protect TA2204 Tiles & Stone


Keep making a perfect tidy look with your always clean walls, facades and flagstone paths. No damage caused by funghi or algae. What is the most important thing for the White Hart Hotel? It must stay white...

Titan®Protect TA2216 Indoor Mold Protection


Get rid of odours and decompose pollen in crowded public areas. Especially: Beat flu. Air purifying properties by means of titanium-dioxide and visible light. Improves safety and health on site. 

Titan®Protect News

SGS Lambda-test on nC® ProTherm ISO-X

July 23rd 2018 -  Dutch based SGS Intron, part of the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company SGS, executed the EN12667 Lambda test for heat conductivity on a free sheet of nC® ProTherm ISO-X coating. Read more...

Sprayable nC® ProTherm Safe Touch Coating

August 11nd 2018 - Video shows the easy sprayable nC® ProTherm Safe Touch coating applied on a paint can. You can notice minimum overspray and/or mist development. You can pour in boiling water and pick up the can without hesitation.

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