nC® NCP Fluid

nC® Nano Corrosion Passivator Fluid


nC® Nano Corrosion Passivator Fluid is a sol-gel based nano-fluid, designed to stop the corrosion process without the need for sandblasting, coating or other expensive and time-consuming work and blasting-equipment. nC® Nano Corrosion Passivator Fluid is specifically designed to passivate corrosion by floating in confined areas like ballastwater tanks, peaks, voids, rudders, internal structures of frames and booms. Material thickness will remain stationary for years in above stated areas exposed to salt water.


nC® Nano Corrosion Passivator Fluid works through a process called chelation in which large synthetic molecules form a bond with the iron behind the rust, thereby pulling the loose iron oxide from the surface. nC® Nano Corrosion Passivator Fluid forms a flexible barrier  inside the capillar and intermolecular structure of the metal surface. The formulation passivates the corrosion process.


nC® Nano Corrosion Passivator Fluid (NCP Fluid) is a direct-over-rust solution. It’s designed to passivate heavy corrosion and remove loose rust, without the need of time-consuming sandblasting or jetting. Also the time-consuming and expensive application of painting is not per sé required to protect the metal surfaces and structures as NCP Fluid is applied by floating, not necessarily by spraying or brushing.


NCP Fluid is suitable for all metals. It provides protection against damaging influences of moisture, salt, welding and cleaning agents. NCP Fluid comes as a flexible amber transparent fluid, containing an active sol-gel passivation technology. It is free of solvents. Non-toxic. Will not evaporate. Reacts with moisture and metal and will dissolve even the heaviest corrosion from metals. Leaves no patina or sticky surface.


nC® NCP Fluid is lighter than water. By means of floating, filling and emptying the tank or structure with water and NCP Fluid, a 100% coverage is guaranteed. First time right. Spot-repairing by means of brushing, rolling or spraying is also common use.


nC® NCP Fluid can protect metal structures from 6 up to 15 years or more, depending on influences as environment and abrasion. When necessary, damaged treated surfaces (by welding or replacement) can be restored easily. NCP Fluid is very well suited for protection of metal internal structures and will also protect metal parts, piping or machinery stored outdoors from corroding.


nC® NCP Fluid is ideally suited for application in maritime and nautical internal structures with limited access. It can show self-healing capacities up to 3 years after application on smaller areas. In case old conventional paint or coating releases because of corrosion underneath, the adjacent or surrounding NCP Fluid will fill in the left-open spot, removing the corrosion present and passivating the spot.




  • Removes corrosion
  • Passivates corrosion
  • Passivates metal
  • Displaces salt
  • Displaces water
  • Protects up to 6 years against corrosion in salt water (confined areas only)
  • Protects over 15 years in fresh water (confined areas only)
  • Not toxic
  • No solvents



  • No prepwork like chipping or sandblasting needed
  • Application by floating, brush, roller or spray
  • Application during hot operation, max 95⁰C
  • Application at -5⁰C possible
  • Short curing time of 4 hours
  • Very small crew needed for easy and fast application
  • No sandblasting = No dust!
  • Product has limitless shelf-life



  • 25% up to 35% less energy cost
  • 50% up to 70% less application/project cost
  • Low cost per m²
  • First-time-right product, fast application, low impact
  • Very long service time
  • Used left-over product is always re-usable.


Verification report: Accelerated Salt Spray Test according to Volvo STD 423-0014 iss. 5 Accredited method according to ISO/IEC 17025. This is one of the heaviest corrosion tests available in the European Community.



  • Product is ready for use in confined areas.
  • nC® Nano Corrosion Passivator Fluid is to be handled with protective gloves and eye/face protection.
  • No ventilation aids necessary during application.
  • Surface may be wet or dry, but remove standing water.
  • Sandblasting or prep work not needed.
  • Coating or painting of treated surfaces not needed.
  • Already coated surfaces with sound adhesion of paint or coating will remain unaffected.
  • Ambient temperatures during processing and application should be between -5°C up to 50°C.
  • A skilled crew can operate fully independent of a vessel’s or rig’s crew if necessary or convenient.
  • A skilled crew of 2 persons can treat up to 8 ballast tanks per day, depending of pump capacity on board.
  • Treating ballast tanks, internal structures and tank tops or double-bottom tanks can be done without pre-drying. So a just emptied tank can be treated immediately with nC® NCP Fluid.
  • Treating ballast tanks, internal structures and tank tops or double-bottom tanks can be done without spraying.
  • Application rates vary from 0,8 litre to 1,2 litre per m³, depending on amount of corrosion.
  • Application of nC® NCP Fluid by floatation requires a maximum rise/fall rate of 20 cm per minute during pumping. In case of heavy corrosion, two cycles of descaling and passivation are required.
  • Nano techniques have to distribute themselves into the capillary rooms and morphology of the substrate they are put in. This process can last up to 12 hours for NCP Fluid, depending of the ambient temperature during the process. The warmer (or hotter!) the merrier, the faster the distribution time. Surfaces can be used 4 hours after application.
  • Application can be done during sail, lay-by or docking. Choose the most economical way!
  • Once aboard, application of material can be done without use of craning, scaffolding or special clothing.
  • Ultrasonic measuring of material thickness on pre-described spots will provide a record that shows the evidence that trending and corrosion has stopped.
  • Once applied, nC® Nano Corrosion Passivator Fluid can stand temperatures from -75°C up to 110°C.
  • nC® NCP Fluid can last up to 7 years in ballast tanks, internal structures or double-bottom tanks when operating in salt-water. Tank tops of chemical and oil tankers will show shorter performance (for heavy chemical environments like crude-oil or acids, please consult nC NCP High Chemical Resistant product information.
  • Welding the cargo on deck usually does not affect the nC® NCP Fluid, but intense welding can damage the NCP Fluid matrix inside the metal. Always check whether the NCP matrix heals itself by looking for corrosion a few days after welding.
  • nC Surface Technology BV can make client-specific NCP blends: The formula can be ruggedized to keep performance of NCP on the optimal level, should external influences (chemical ambient air, beamed steam, excessive heat etc.) require this.
  • Wash hands and face thoroughly after handling.                                
  • This material is not a paint/coating. It is a stable, non-flammable, non-toxic, translucent liquid.



  • Do not use nC® NCP Fluid as final coat outdoors.
  • Do not use nC® NCP Fluid as final floor or deck covering.
  • Do not use nC® NCP Fluid as final coat in tubes or pipes.
  • Do not use nC® NCP Fluid in foodprocessing equipment.
  • Always finish nC® NCP Fluid with NCP Cold Alloy or HCR when exposure in above stated situations is required.


  • Store below 50°C.
  • Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local/regional/national/international regulations.
  • Re-use empty container with nC® Nano Corrosion Passivator Fluid only.
  • nC® Nano Corrosion Passivator Fluid packagings (opened or unopened) have an unlimited shelf life.
  • Delivery time up to 5 days
  • Packaging 5 liter, 20 liter, 200 liter, IBC
  • UN number: None assigned.
  • UN proper shipping name: None assigned.
  • Transport hazard class(es): None assigned. Product is suitable for air transport.
  • Packing group: None assigned.
  • Environmental hazards: No known environmental hazards.
  • Special precautions for user(s): No known precautions for transport.
  • It is advised to avoid freezing product.
  • Guidance on transport in bulk: Transport in bulk according to Annex II of MARPOL 73/78 and the International Bulk Chemical Code (IBC code).


  • Brown, opaque fluid
  • Specific gravity 0.89
  • Flash-point ASTM D-92 155°C
  • VOC <1% CARB310
  • Conductivity < 109 mho/cm at 1 MHz
  • ASTM D-471, no swelling of neoprene or nitrile rubber
  • Meets and exceeds the corrosion performance requirements of MIL-C-16173 Class 2 Grade 3
  • LD50 >5g/kg non-hazardous, 96 hr LC50 >14g/kg non-hazardous
  • Solvent-free
  • Non-flammable
  • Biodegradable
  • MARPOL Annex II category: Other Substances

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