nC® ProTect

nC® ProTect Sealants

nC® ProTect series of sealants offer a variety of surface technologies designed to protect or enhance materials.Together with our manufacturers and our branches we work on products and development of hands-on micro- and nanotechniques. The nC® ProTect coatings are top class in the areas of abrasion protection, anti-stick, dirt and moist repellance, colour restoration, gloss protection, UV protection and corrosion passivation. Also protection of electrical equipment operating in extreme and demanding environments is included.

A solution for each surface

nC's Sol-gel based coatings show excellent chemical bonding and performance on basically every material. Each variant is made for a specific job and/or a specific material. For instance for extremely dense and slippery surfaces like HDPE and other synthetics. Stainless steel. Glass. Fabric. nC® ProTect will keep performing for many years, even decades, on surfaces and materials of your choice.

Cost cutting

nC® ProTect series of sealants are capable of withstanding harsh (subzero, chemical, marine, monsoon, desert) environments and are fairly easy to apply. This means these coatings greatly reduce the maintenance and replacement costs of your assets over time due to their long lifetime cycles.

nC® ProTect 4100 Electronics Sealant

Nanotech spray that particularly insulates all electric equipment and joints from shortcut, corrosion and the influences of water and freezing for years. Protects even under water.

nC® ProTect 4400 Hull Sealant

Transparent nanotech coating for (U)HDPE and other dense synthetics, lacquers and metals. It forms a matrix IN the surface. Indeed scratch resistant surface and hull protection, easy-to-clean. Restores chalked and bleached colours.  Extreme lifetimecycle.

nC® ProTect 4700 High Alloy Steel Sealant

Easy-to-Clean, anti-fingerprint, anti-chalk sealant. Maintains high gloss. Chemical resistant. Maintains a pristine look and feel on counters, elevator doors, exhausts, kitchens etc.

nC® ProTect 4200 Textile & Fabric Sealant

Nanotech fluid that protects textile and fabric from water, fluids and oil. Repellant, so no stains. Watertight, so no leaks. For clothes, tents, parasols, tablecloths, carpets, sails, ski-jackets.  Washmachineproof.

nC® ProTect 4500 Glass Sealant

Sprayable nanotech fluid for glass protection and enhancement. Makes glass surfaces water and dirt repellant.     Reduces cleaning costs. Makes insects, paint, dirt, grease and  bird droppings easy to remove.

nC® ProTect 4300 Wood Sealant

Nanotech fluid that protects wood and stone from water, fluids and oil. Repellant, so no stains. Watertight, so no leaks. For facades, furniture, piers, gardens, decks, terraces. Endless application possibilities!

nC® ProTect 4600 P&T Foodgrade Sealant

Foodgrade sealant to protect pipes, tanks and foodprocessing machines and equipment. Carries corrosion passivator. Chemical resistant. 1 coat application.   No primer needed. For surface temperatures ranging from -50°C up to 260°C.

nC® ProTect News

SGS Lambda-test on nC® ProTherm ISO-X

July 23rd 2018 -  Dutch based SGS Intron, part of the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company SGS, executed the EN12667 Lambda test for heat conductivity on a free sheet of nC® ProTherm ISO-X coating. Read more...

Sprayable nC® ProTherm Safe Touch Coating

August 11nd 2018 - Video shows the easy sprayable nC® ProTherm Safe Touch coating applied on a paint can. You can notice minimum overspray and/or mist development. You can pour in boiling water and pick up the can without hesitation.

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