nC® ProTect 4700 High Alloy Steel Sealant

nC® ProTect 4700 High Alloy Steel Sealant


nC® Protect 4700 High Alloy Steel Sealant is a transparent coating developed to protect materials from abrasion, absorption and sticking. It can be applied on high alloy steels, like stainless steel, chrome-tungsten steel, chrome-molybdene steel, etc. and aluminium. nC®  Protect High Alloy Steel Sealant is approved for foodcontact according to FDA specifications.


nC® Protect 4700 High Alloy Steel Sealant bonds chemically into the metal surface. It forms a matrix inside the material. The exterior becomes a very flexible ultra-thin, glass-like finish and lasting soiling protection. Consequently, this finish is very suitable to protect against negative chemical and environmental influences. It is user ready and can be applied by brush, roller, cloth and airgun (HVLP).




  • Forms ionic chemical bond with substrate
  • Strongly abrasion resistant
  • Not permeable
  • Chemical resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Non-stick surface
  • Foodgrade
  • Transparent
  • Satin gloss finish
  • No heavy metals
  • Free of fluor
  • Contains no biocides
  • Spread rate 90m²/l



  • Transparent finish allows direct view on material
  • Functions in temperatures between -90°C to 730° C
  • Easy-to-clean without soaps or chemicals
  • No primer needed, one-coat application
  • Protects against shearing and shockloads
  • Fast working, low consumption 




  • Low cost per m²
  • Longlasting protection up to 10 years
  • Significantly reduces downtime for maintenance
  • Reduces cleaning related costs to minimum


  • Protect hands and skin from exposure using gloves and appropriate clothing. Gloves should be solvent-resistant (butyl-rubber) and >0,5mm of thickness and satisfy standard EN 374 from directive EU 89/686/EEC. Protective clothing category 3, type 3, liquid tight, anti-static.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke during application.
  • Substrate must be free from grease, dirt, dust and water or moist.
  • Substrate temperature must be between 5° C and 50° C.
  • Do not apply when ambient humidity exceeds 80%.
  • Avoid direct sunlight during application.
  • Do not let nC® Protect 4700 High Alloy Steel Sealant make ANY contact with water during application or during cure time (first 12 hours). When in contact with water during application, nC® Protect 4700 High Alloy Steel Sealant will react with H2O prematurely instead of reacting with the surface, thus influencing the long-term bonding and tear-off rate of the coating.
  • Product is ready to use. DO NOT USE ANY THINNER!
  • Film thicknesses can be varied from between 2 – 12 µm, depending on application conditions.
  • Application rate varies between 10ml to 15ml per m²
  • nC® Protect 4700 High Alloy Steel Sealant is very thin and liquid, take care not to use too much product!
  • In case of HVLP application use 2 – 3 bar pressure and 0,5mm – 1mm nozzle.
  • Keep uncured product from flame, all ignition sources, and moisture.
  • nC® Protect 4700 High Alloy Steel Sealant must be applied in one go. Because of the repelling characteristics of the coating, stains, open spots or other mistakes can be repaired within 10 minutes after first application. After 10 minutes, the coating starts to repel any layer that will be applied, including paint, solvent or other fluids.
  • Dry to touch in ambient temperatures above 10° C : 2 to 3 hours
  • Curing times, after which coating can be put into full operation:
  • Ambient temperatures between 10° C and 20° C: 24 hours;
  • Heated to 60° C for 15 minutes: 3 hours;
  • Heated to 80° C for 15 minutes: 2 hours;
  • Heated to 180° C for 15 minutes: 1 hour;
  • Full strength will be reached after 3 to 5 days.
  • Clean unintended coated or dripped surfaces immediately with (butyl)acetone or mineral spirits. Solvent cleaning can be followed by a wash with soapy water. Cured material cannot be removed with solvent. Proper clean-up of equipment is essential.


The product is dry to touch within 2 up to 3 hours. As nanotechnology is about bonding into surfaces and matrices of nanoparticles need to be built up after application, the coating reaches full insulating ability AFTER a cure time of approximately 3 to 5 days, which is dependent upon environmental variables, humidity, and thickness of coat used. Test of maximum performance should be performed after full cure. Benefits will typically begin to be seen approximately 24 hours after application, and will continue to improve as the cure time completes. Cure time won’t interfere with normal operations, you can start using the treated materials after 24 hours and continue to use your equipment as usual while the product cures.


  • nC® Protect 4700 High Alloy Steel Sealant at temperatures between 5° C and 30° C.
  • nC® Protect 4700 High Alloy Steel Sealant can be stored for 6 months for unopened containers.
  • Storage life for opened containers will be determined by the precautions taken to keep containers tightly sealed and protected from moisture. Maximum storage for opened containers is 3 months.
  • nC® Protect 4700 High Alloy Steel Sealant is available in containers of 0,25L, 1L and 5L.
  • UN number 2924
  • Shipping name: Flammable liquid
  • Transport class 3
  • Packaging class: II
  • Environmentally hazardous: No
  • Marine pollutant: No


  • Appearance: Transparent
  • Odour: Ammonia
  • Flashpoint 21° Celsius

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